Reminder on the use of Game room


TO                          :               ALL OUR VALUED RESIDENTS

DATE                     :               FEBRUARY 20, 2017

SUBJECT               :               REMINDER ON THE USE OF GAME ROOM



Kindly be reminded on our below rules in using the Gym:


1.       The Game Room is for the exclusive use of registered residents in good standing.  Registered occupants shall not include household helpers.


2.       Operating hours is from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. daily and users must log at the game room logbook before using the facility.


3.       As a basic courtesy to others, residents using the billiard and game tables shall be limited to one (1) hour only.


4.       Board games are provided for the enjoyment of the residents.  Please make sure to use those properly to keep it complete and in good form.


5.       After a game, users must return materials to their proper places and turn over to the Security Guard assigned for inventory.


6.       Users shall be charged for the loss or damages resulting from the use of the game room playing materials.


7.       Users must conduct themselves in a manner which will not cause harm or discomfort to other members.


8.       No smoking is allowed inside the Game Room.


9.       Light snack is allowed inside the Game Room but residents are responsible for the clean up.


10.   Absolutely no sitting, standing, leaning or laying on the billiard and game room tables.


11.   The Management is not responsible for personal items lost inside the Game Room.


12.   The Property Management Office reserves the right to deny access to any resident or any individual that refuses to follow the house rules or has no regard for safety and peace of the other resident.


The above rules were made in order for the residents to enjoy this facility.


Thank you for your usual cooperation and understanding.


Very truly yours,


For and on behalf of

The Address at WackWack Condominium Corporation


Luisa Joven

Building Manager