Exterior Window Cleaning 2017

TO                          :               ALL OUR OUR VALUED RESIDENTS

DATE                     :               MAY 3, 2017

SUBJECT               :               EXTERIOR WINDOW CLEANING



Please be informed that the Exterior Window Cleaning of the whole building for this year is scheduled starting May 8, 2017 which will last for approximately 45 - 50 days.


Please note that scope of works includes exterior window glass cleaning by application of diluted cleaning solution, scrubbing and dry wiping to remove adherent dust dirt, soot and grimes including its appurtenant steel aluminum frames.


Below is the approximate timeline of window cleaning for the whole building:





Right Elevation

15 days

May 8 – May 23

Units I, J, K, L, M, N, O

Penthouse E, F, G, H

Rear Elevation

5 days

May 24 – May 29

Units I and H

Penthouse D and E

Left Elevation

15 days

May 30 – June 14

Units A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H

Penthouse A, B, C, D

Front Elevation

5 days

June 15 – June 20

Units A and O

Penthouse A and H


In view of the above, we highly advise you to please close your windows so that it will be properly cleaned, close your curtains for privacy and lock your balconies for security purposes.  


We will be sending you a weekly update on the status of the window cleaning and any changes in the above schedule.


Should there be any questions or clarifications, please coordinate with our office at 477 – 4707.


Thank you for your continued cooperation.


Yours sincerely,


For and on behalf of

The Address at WackWack Condominium Corporation



Luisa Joven


Building Manager