Cleaning of Airwell Window & Ledges


TO                          :               ALL OUR OUR VALUED RESIDENTS

DATE                     :               JUNE 15, 2017




As the last phase of exterior window cleaning project of our property, kindly be informed that all airwell windows and ledges will be cleaned starting Saturday, June 17, 2017.  Please see below schedule:




Between Units A and B / After Penthouse A

June 17

Between Units C and D / Before Penthouse B

June 19

Between Units D and E / Before Penthouse C

June 20

Between Units E and F / After Penthouse C

June 21

Between Units G and H / Before Penthouse D

June 22

Between Units I and J / After Penthouse E

June 23

Between Units K and L / After Penthouse F

June 24

Between Units L and M / Before Penthouse G

June 26

Between Units N and O / Before Penthouse H

June 27


In view of the above, we kindly advise you to please ensure that all your windows in the airwell  are properly closed so that the water will not get inside your unit and will be properly cleaned.  Please have your curtains closed also for privacy and security purposes.  


Should there be any questions or clarifications, please coordinate with our office at 477 – 4707.


Thank you for your continued cooperation.


Yours sincerely,


For and on behalf of

The Address at WackWack Condominium Corporation





Luisa Joven

Building Manager