Terror Attack Drill in the Lobby


TO                          :               ALL OUR VALUED RESIDENTS


DATE                     :               JULY 24, 2017


SUBJECT               :               TERROR ATTACK DRILL IN THE LOBBY



Please be informed that as part of our emergency readiness program and to ensure that our Emergency Response Team is equipped with required knowledge and skills and be able to respond quickly and professionally in the event of a terrorist attack, a Terror Attack Drill will be conducted on Thursday, July 27, 2017 from 8:30 am at the Lobby.


The scenario includes entry of a man with gun in the lobby threatening to harm the people which will be intercepted by our security personnel.  Exchange of communication for instructions will also be heard in our Radios as part of the drill.  The ambulance and police from our Barangay will also arrive as their simulated response.


This drill will only focus on one location and will be a simple simulation of an attack.  Complex simulation will be done in the coming months as we learn the things that we need to improve in this drill.


Should there be any questions or clarifications on this matter, please coordinate with the Property Management Office at 477 – 4707 or 470 – 5005.


For your information.


Yours sincerely,



For and on behalf of

The Address at WackWack Condominium Corporation





Luisa Joven

Building Manager