Fire Extinguisher Per Unit

TO                          :               OUR VALUED RESIDENTS


DATE                     :               JULY 27, 2017


SUBJECT               :               FIRE EXTINGUISHER PER UNIT



Kindy be informed that as per strict requirement of the Bureau of Fire Protection, all residents must provide one (1) unit fire extinguisher inside the unit.  This is also stated in our House Rules as below:


15.2 Each owner or tenant shall provide at his own expense one (1) unit fire extinguisher to be located at the kitchen, which specification as provided by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP). Administration will monitor this regularly and if the owner has no fire extinguisher, the Condominium Corporation will purchase and provide one and charge the cost of each fire extinguisher to the owner or tenant.


Please note that as per the Fire Code, a resident can install and maintain a basic 10-lb ABC Type Fire Extinguisher which should be located where it will be easily available or in conspicuous positions on brackets or stands where persons going inside or outside your unit will readily see them.  You can also place it where there is a possibility of a fire hazard such as the kitchen.


Fire safety is something that we need to take seriously and having a fire extinguisher is an essential part of it.


Please contact our office at 477 4707 for any queries on this matter.


Hoping for your usual cooperation.


Yours sincerely,


For and on behalf of

The Address at WackWack Condominium Corporation



Luisa Joven

Building Manager