Survey on Bread Delivery

TO                          :               ALL OUR VALUED RESIDENTS


DATE                     :               SEPTEMBER 6, 2017


SUBJECT               :               SURVEY ON BREAD DELIVERY



One of our unit owners is planning to provide free delivery service of “Hot Pandesal, Monay and other bakery bread products to the residents of The Address at Wack Wack.


In this regards, may request for your kind participation in our below survey form for our reference and coordination with the said unit owner.


Thanking you for your usual cooperation.


Very truly yours,



Luisa Joven

Building Manager






Are you interested in this bread delivery?                Yes ____    No____


If Yes:

What bakery products do you prefer:

Hot Pandesal   :           ___________


Monay              :           ___________


Others             :           _______________


Estimated frequency of delivery                      Daily  _______  Weekly ________                             



Thank you for participating in this survey!  Details will be advised soon!


Name    :  ________________________                                             Unit Number     :  _________