Care and Maintenance of Main Door

TO                          :               ALL OUR VALUED RESIDENTS


DATE                     :               MARCH 22, 2018





Our Main Door is one of the first feature of your unit that guests see and we want to make sure that you make a good impression.  Like any other parts of your unit, your main door needs care and maintenance to look their best and to last for a long time.


In view of the above, we would like to kindly remind to take some time for the maintenance of your Main Door.  Please see below some guidelines for your reference:

·         Avoid bumping doors with anything that you carry when entering the door.

·         Ensure that regular cleaning and checking is done if there are any scratches, dulling and raised grains.

·         Regular dusting will prevent dust from accumulating.

·         Cleaning can be done by using a damp microfiber cloth and simple soap.  Avoid harsh and abrasive cleaners.

·         If your main door needs to be rewaxed or resealed, you can call the Admin Office or the Reception for assistance.


Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining the aesthetic beauty of our building.


Yours sincerely,


For and on behalf of

The Address at WackWack Condominium Corporation




Luisa Joven

Building Manager