Annual Fire Drill 2018

TO                          :               OUR VALUED RESIDENTS

DATE                     :               APRIL 18, 2018

SUBJECT               :               ANNUAL FIRE DRILL ACTIVITY



Please be informed that our Annual Fire Drill will be held on Friday, April 27, 2018, at 10:00 a.mThis activity aims to practice the preparedness of not only our Emergency Response Team but the residents in case of sudden fire incident.


During this event, General Alarm will be activated for 1 minute which will mean that a fire is detected by our system and all residents will have to evacuate. 


Kindly note that this activity will create disturbing noises all throughout the floor levels and responding fire trucks of Bureau of Fire Department will also come with their siren turned on.


All elevators will be on emergency mode and will automatically land at the Ground Floor while we are running the activity. Should you have any errands on this period, we recommend going out as early as possible or after this activity, to avoid any further inconvenience.


We highly encourage everyone, including house helpers, to participate in the drill by means of evacuating to the designated fire exits in order to be prepared for any major disasters.  We have 3 fire exits in each floor which are in the middle and both ends of the floor leading to the ground floor.  The ERT members will lead you to our designated Evacuation Area.


Orientation and actual use of Fire Extinguisher will follow after the Fire Drill.


Should there be any questions or clarifications on this matter. Please feel free to coordinate with the Property Management Office at 477 – 4707.


Your utmost support and cooperation is highly appreciated.


Very truly yours,


For and on behalf of

The Address at WackWack Condominium Corporation




Luisa Joven

Building Manager