Reminders on Gym Courtesy

Reference No. TAC 001-06-2018

TO                          :               ALL OUR VALUED RESIDENTS

DATE                     :               JUNE 18, 2018

SUBJECT               :               REMINDER ON GYM COURTESY


Gym courtesy is very important especially now that we have an increased usage.  Please see below some guidelines on gym courtesy for all the residents to fully enjoy the gym as a relaxing and enjoyable place to be healthy:


1.       Wipe down your equipment. 

While we have our Housekeeping Staff who is maintaining our facilities, we appreciate if you could wipe down your sweat when you are done with the equipment.  Not only it is unpleasant to sit in someone else's sweat, it's also unhygienic.  We encourage that you bring towels with you.  You can also use our paper towels and sanitizers to wipe the sweat in the equipment.


2.       Sharing of equipment with other residents.

Please be considerate in using our gym equipment especially when there are other people who would like to use the same equipment.  As a basic courtesy in the event of crowded users, residents shall limit the use to 30 minutes.  Please do not sit in the machine using the cellphone or reading a magazine while resting and give others chance.


3.       Putting weights back where you found them

Please return the weights to their designated spot on the rack when you are done using them.  Never leave the dumbbells on the floor between sets or leave them against the wall as this is a possible trip hazard for other users.


4.       Avoid disturbing noise.

It is fine to make some noise especially when you are lifting a heavy weight but yelling and screaming loudly is not acceptable.  Residents go to gym to relax and not to be distracted when they are focusing on their workout.


  1. Children under age 12 shall not be allowed to use any of the gym equipment or loiter in the area. 

Please note that our foremost concern on this is the safety of your children.


6.       Good air ventilation.

While there are others who do not prefer to use the air conditioning unit, please have the courtesy to ask the other residents who came in first in the gym before you ask the guard to turn on/off the unit.  We have also placed a Stand Fan in the gym for your convenience.  Please note that our security guard is the one safekeeping the remote control for better monitoring of usage.


Lastly, kindly find time to read the rules placed at the gym for your reference so that you will be aware on the do’s and don’ts.  There can be a great sense of community get together if each resident works towards being kind and considerate with others and following the above guidelines will make the experience more positive and productive.


Very truly yours,


For and on behalf of

The Address at WackWack Condominium Corporation



Luisa Joven

Building Manager